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Absolutes>>Saffron Oil
Saffron Oil, pure Saffron Oil, wholesale Saffron Oil
Saffron Oil
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Scientific Name: Crocus sativus
Country of Distillation: France
Distillation Method: Alcohol Extraction
Safety: Use With Caution
Saffron is known to be one of the most expensive spices. This is because the stigmas of the plant are handpicked to make the spice. Saffron oil has a very interesting odour. It has a woody, spicy, hay like odour. Saffron oil also contains a chemical known as Safranal and it is restricted by IFRA to 0.005% in perfumes. Use with caution.

We have procured a new supplier for our saffron. Please note it is only partially soluble in alcohol and fixed/carrier oils. This means you will have to add it to your essential oil blend or carrier oil blend and allow it to age. After the aging process is complete you will need strain your finished product.

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