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Absolutes>>Marigold Oil (Hydro Distilled) - Ruh Genda
Marigold Oil (Hydro Distilled) - Ruh Genda, pure Marigold Oil (Hydro Distilled) - Ruh Genda, wholesale Marigold Oil (Hydro Distilled) - Ruh Genda
Marigold Oil (Hydro Distilled) - Ruh Genda
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Botanical Name: Tagetes Patula

100% Pure Gaurateed Quality - Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil

Manufacturing Process : The Marigold Essential Oil is made by hydro distillation of Marigold Flowers ( Tagetes Patula) using copper still distillation method. The flowers are picked in early morning and put into the deg (copper still) for distillation and then we collect the oil with water into receiver. Finally the Ruh of Genda (Marigold hydro distilled oil) is saperated using saperating funnel and the only by product is Hydrolate. Rest the residue flowers are used for the purpose of animal feed and for making Bio - fertilisers in Organic Farming.

We are also offering the following:

Tagetes/Marigold Oil(Grade 2 )@ $ 300 USD /Litre

Tagetes/Marigold Oil(Grade 3 )@ $ 112 USD /Litre

Tagetes/Marigold Oil(Grade 4 )@ $ 50 USD /Litre

For more details and GLC please contact with us : email

Here we are only selling high quality hydro distilled oil of Marigold ( Tagetes Patula ):
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